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Reinventing Radio

Take a page from a magazine. 


As this article from the WSJ illustrates dramatically, many magazines are surviving by redefining what a magazine is.

Whether it's a mag that comes with a free t-shirt or one that changes colors in the sun or one that comes fitted into a Frisbee, a magazine is no longer exclusively about the content but about it's context, too. It's about the experience of which the paper is only one part.

Says the WSJ:

These are publications that revel in their 3D-ness, special objects that demand deeper interaction from their readers than the average print magazine. Taking advantage of recent advances in printing technology, these publications are determinedly nonconformist in everything they do. But they are, in essence, magazines — curated, regular compilations of content with clear selection criteria, consistent design and an individual voice.

Radio, too, must expand its borders and consider what experiences it can deliver that are not bound to the over-the-air signal or even bound to the call letters.

What your station has isn't a "brand" in the sense that it's all about your call letters. Nope.  What your station has is a mass volume of relationships and trust between you, your audience, and your advertisers.

Those relationships are waiting to be leveraged.

Any way you can.

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