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Ramsey interviewed on Inside Digital Media

You can hear me interviewed on Phil Leigh’s Inside Digital Media – it’s the top interview (if you prefer a direct link, go here).

The topic was primarily Radio’s role in the digital media future.

The host, Phil Leigh, is a former stock analyst who now lives at the center of the digital media world. He has been a moderator or panelist at a number of industry conferences including Kagan World Media, Streaming Media, Webnoize, Comdex, Wharton Business School, Wainhouse, and Digital Hollywood, among others. He has had numerous television appearances on CNBC and other leading networks and has been cited in leading newspapers and magazines as an expert in Digital Media.

Phil’s past guests have included: Don Katz, President,, Mark Cuban, Owner, Dallas Mavericks, Walt Mossberg, Columnist, The Wall Street Journal, Rob Bennett, Senior Director, MSN Entertainment, George Gilder, Author of Microcosm, Telecosm, and The Silicon Eye, Peter Lowe – Director of Marketing, iTunes at Apple Computer, Stan Ng – Director of Marketing, iPod at Apple Computer, and many others.

Thanks, Phil, for interviewing me!

Give it a listen, gang.

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