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Ramsey interviewed by IT Conversations

Check out the podcast interview Rob Greenlee did with me for IT Conversations.

Thanks, Rob!

Here’s their blurb:

Rob Greenlee, host of Web Talk, speaks with Mark Ramsey, founder and president of Mercury Radio Research. Mr. Ramsey is a terrestrial broadcast radio consultant and audience researcher. Mark explains his predictions for the future deployment of the Digital HD Radio platform such as iBiquity. He also explains whether Digital HD Radio fills a need in the radio market and talks about whether the improved sound quality adds enough value compared to existing FM frequencies. Mark also explains the real reason that major market radio broadcasters want digital radio and whether Digital HD Radio is really needed to improve the quality of “AM” Radio. Mr. Ramsey also discusses how new technologies like podcasting, Internet radio streaming and how satellite just has a toe-hold in the market, but will see a growing shift to these other new forms of distribution and how the shrinking audience for broadcast radio will impact the major terrestrial radio broadcasters. He also discusses how indie music is a perfect fit for podcasting as download music rights have not been worked out and how major celebrities will lead audience growth with podcasting.
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