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Radio websites need to more aggressively pursue “Branded Entertainment”

If I were an under-appreciated cog at a big radio group right now, I’d take a page from Glamour (pun almost intended) and pitch my group on a digital video series that can be sponsored.

All at once I would be creating:

A) Content to attract online traffic and engagement B) NTR (“New” traditional revenue) C) Stuff for the jocks to talk about on-air D) A reason for me to be not such an under-appreciated cog anymore

Here’s how Glamour is doing it:

Earlier this week, the Conde Nast fashion title introduced Glamour.TV, a new web-video platform aimed at expanding Glamour content into bite-sized video clips, customized to key advertisers. Dockers, for example, is the sponsor of “Moms Working It,” a show that interviews celebrity mothers such as Jennie Garth, Solange Knowles and Nikki Taylor. Revlon is the presenting sponsor of “Beauty Wars,” a makeover competition series, hosted by “Entourage” co-star Debi Mazar, in which makeup artists from around the world strive to create the consummate look for the American woman. There’s also “The List,” a fashion and entertainment news show, hosted by model Molly Sims and E!’s Giuliana Rancic, that is co-sponsored by Estee Lauder and Burberry. Bill Wackermann, senior VP-publishing director of Glamour, said the model is reminiscent of the TV-sponsorship model of the 1950s. “It harkens back to when advertisers were in the business of promoting their own shows, promoting their brands and having more creative control of the process.”
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