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Radio’s New Internet Strategy Revealed

Recently in this blog, marketing guru

Seth Godin challenged the radio industry to recognize the direction of the wind and seize its future.

One key to seizing that future is leveraging the incredible assets represented by our stations' websites. And one company at the leading edge of that effort is Mass 2 One and their new hassle-free one-stop Internet strategy for radio stations called "ECO."

I talked with former KFMB radio GM and new ECO evangelist Tracy Johnson about what ECO is and why it matters to your radio station. Here's the short 15 minute interview:

Radio stations and groups across America are leaving a ton of money on the table with advertisers by failing to better leverage their digital assets.

ECO is a terrific solution to this problem. I recommend you look into it. For more information contact Reg Johns or Tracy Johnson at 760-230-6007 or by email.

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