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Radio: “Podcasting’s a Flash in the Pan”

In a poll sponsored by Troy Research on Radio news website All Access, the respondents, primarily Radio station programmers and the like, had this to say about Podcasting:

– 53% “Podcasting is a Flash in the Pan” – 11% “My station is interested, but we have concerns over music rights issues” – 11% “We’re not Podcasting yet, but maybe in the next 30-60 days” – 26% “We’re talking about Podcasting several features daily”

A couple things are apparent.

First, I realize this is only a poll and hardly scientific. Yet I can’t help but believe there’s more “truth” in these results than the Radio industry would like to admit.

The notion that more than half of those interested enough to respond feel Podcasting is a “flash in the pan” is incredibly short-sighted and, I’ll say it, stupid. Wake up and smell the coffee, friends.

The idea that one out of four respondents is actually considering Podcasting is almost as curious, considering virtually none actually are – and some of those who are don’t even seem to know what the term “Podcasting” means.

The concern over music rights issues is, of course, a very serious one. But only to the extent that MUSIC is what you’re Podcasting. And I see no reason why a radio station would choose music over more distinctive content at this stage of the game. I can get my music mp3’s from many places, I don’t need to get them from your Podcast.

Podcasting is for unique content. Let’s hope Radio has some by the time the technology really catches on.

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