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Radio Listeners Have More Sex


A recent study set out to determine the difference between hearing music aloud and together with others (the way radio tends to be consumed) versus hearing that music alone (e.g., via earbuds or headphones).

The study, sponsored by Sonos and Apple Music, came to this conclusion (reported in Mashable):

With music being played aloud, families reported spending 13% more time together and were in closer proximity to each other (20% more of the time). That second stat may have something to do with the huge increase in sex. Globally, the music listeners reported having 67% more sex.

While the research didn’t explicitly study radio listening, it’s well known that radio is more likely to be consumed aloud than privately. Show me somebody with earbuds and I’ll show you someone who is likely to be listening to something other than radio.

So, by association, that suggests that people who listen to radio are likely to have more sex than those who don’t.

To be sure, there are many more people listening aloud to radio than to Apple Music and Sonos combined.

You know, I have scoffed at every weak attempt of the radio industry to prove the power of its platform – the Radio Heard Here’s (looks like that domain is in the wild now), the proclamations about almost universal reach, etc. The issue isn’t how true or false these arguments are, the issue is whether or not regular people care.

But here we have an argument of inescapable persuasive power, one that will make many a music fan think twice before inserting those earbuds and powering up Spotify or Pandora.

Sure, I can personalize my music experience.

And I can also go to bed alone every night.

Listen to radio and you’ll have more sex.Listen to #radio and you'll have more sex. Click To Tweet

I challenge you to provide a stronger benefit statement than that one.

Some folks say radio needs an image makeover. Well, hello, makeover!

The report concludes:

It stands to reason that the introduction of shared music in a relatively confined space would lead to a sort of rediscovery of our more primal selves; people who engage and interact with other people, as opposed to with an endless array of digital screens.

Sure, modern technology makes your life better. An app like Tinder may be your path to finding that significant other.

But it’s radio that helps you keep that other significant.

Happy Valentines Day, radio listeners!

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