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“Radio Heard Here”: Actions speak louder than Words?

Have you seen the new Radio Heard Here site?

It’s from the branding company that brings you the branding for this:

And how should you use this campaign at your station?

Here’s some advice from the NAB:

– Include a Radio Heard Here logo on your website that links to the campaign website. – Print t-shirts, bumper stickers, and other promotional items with the Radio Heard Here logo and distribute them at events. – Add the Radio Heard Here logo to your billboards, print ads, radio remote vans and e-mail signatures. – Send a link to the Radio Heard Here website to your staff, colleagues and clients. – Use content from the Radio Heard Here Insider’s Guide Powerpoint in your sales presentations. – Discuss Radio Heard Here in your internal staff meetings.

And my favorite:

– Stick a Radio Heard Here logo in a bottle and toss it into the Pacific.

And if you do all this, the heavens will open, choirs of angels will sing, advertisers and audiences will line up to spend and listen, and stardust will sprinkle across the land, bringing peace and joy to all.

Praise Radio!

I can feel the needle moving already.

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