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“Proof” beats “Benefits” beats “Features”

That’s one of the maxims you’ll find in the soon-to-be-published The Marketing Playbook.

Think about that the next time you whip up a marketing or positioning thrust for your station.

“Proof” beats “Benefits” beats “Features.”

Most stations are stuck in a feature-filled rut. “More Music,” for example, is a feature. “10 in a Row” is conceivably proof – if only “10 in a row” proved “More Music,” which it rarely does. Have you considered other ways beyond the tried, true, and terrible to offer the audience bonafide PROOF?

Before you make a claim, prepare to PROVE it.

Before you promote a feature, convert it into a benefit, then PROVE it.

The Marketing Playbook has it right!

Always ask yourself, “how are we PROVING to the audience what we’re claiming?”

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