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PPM is inevitable

“Hanging on to the diary in the electronic age is only going to serve to be the downfall of the radio industry,” added Kathy Crawford, president of local broadcast for Mindshare.

Yes, PPM is inevitable, higher cost, lower ratings, and all.

There are a host of implications of electronic measurement that go far beyond the standard-fare issues we’re considering.

For example, when everything-audio can be encoded, then every Internet station, every podcast, every Satellite channel is your competitor. Figuring these folks into the mix is as it should be, but if you think your competition now is scary, just wait until some kid in his bedroom outranks one of your stations (okay, not likely. But theoretically possible).

At the very least it’s possible that in the distant future the number one station in every market will be “other.” You heard it here first.

The questions about whether you should stream or podcast will be academic. And if your answer is “no,” regardless of cost, it will be at your station’s peril.

Broadcasters are not widely discussing this issue. And if we did it would not likely result in broader support for PPM. But we can’t hide from what’s inevitable, particularly when it’s what our clients desperately want. And particularly when it’s likely to get us closer to the “truth” of what folks are listening to.

Whatever that means.

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