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Playing what the Lawyers Want

So the court rules that every Tom, Dick, and Harry is now free to use any one of a zillion variants of JACK’s proprietary slogan “Playing What We Want.”

Who cares.

Anybody who knows anything about branding knows that the phrase “playing what we want” is incidental to the success of JACK.

A brand has numerous moving parts which ideally develop organically from its DNA (and usually with a little help from the architects). You will not find one in a hundred JACK listeners tell you they listen because the station “plays what it wants.” JACK stations could eliminate this phrase tomorrow and the ratings would suffer not one iota.

So for those of you considering JACK, don’t be deterred. There’s more to the package than the wrapper.

For those of you already down the JACK road, keep on truckin’.

And for those of you who think your non-JACK is just one turn-of-phrase away from the promised land, guess again.

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