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Pandora adds advertising

Today’s news from

Pandora opens with these words:

Calling all advertisers who want to take their branding messages to the mobile platform: Pandora Media, the premier provider of personalized radio service online, is open for business.

And that news includes word that Best Buy and Beck’s beer will be the first advertisers on Pandora’s new platform, available on the more than 1 million apps (and counting) already downloaded to the iPhone.

As should be evident to even the most casual observer, radio has moved way beyond the “we should be streaming” debate to the “what do we offer that innumerable streaming alternatives don’t” debate.

And this:

Pandora’s iPhone ad platform also has the ability to hyper-target audiences for highly relevant and personalized marketing communications, such as by gender, age, geographic location, music genre and day part listening.

Consider how valuable reaching the right listener with the message that fits them compares with reaching the most listeners with messages that may not.

How much do you know about each and every one of your listeners individually?

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