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Ode to Traditional Values

Once upon a time there was a film called Bayou.

It was a sordid romance starring Peter Graves as a NY architect who falls for an underage Louisiana girl.

It was a flop.

Then a producer bought it and reissued it several years later.

He recut it, attached a salacious tagline "Somewhere, a 15-year-old girl may be a teenager…in the Cajun country, she’s a woman full-grown!," he changed the title to Poor White Trash, and he posted signs at drive-ins warning that armed policemen would arrest anyone under 17 who tried to buy a ticket.

According to the book, Open Wide, the film became a sensation and ran for years.

The re-release came in 1961.

Such are traditional values. Think about that when you ponder your next FCC fine.

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