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News/Talkers: Check out the “ABC News Shuffle”

The News/Talk radio stations wired into this blog should review one of the most interesting of ABC’s podcasts, it’s the “ABC News Shuffle,” a weekly informal chat between two of ABC’s TV News correspondents that goes where newsreaders and reporters rarely tread – behind the scenes of their stories.

What’s great about this podcast is the level of honesty and sincerity expressed by these two guys in dialogue which includes – GASP – their personal opinions on the news of the day and the stories they’re working on (don’t tell the ABC brass!).

It’s a great idea for News/Talk stations with an online audio presence – it lifts the veil on the process. And the tone is very contemporary (i.e., not “old”). And, frankly, this kind of exchange would sound great on the radio.

Not only does it tease upcoming content and serve as, technically, a promo – it’s also mighty entertaining.

[Note: If you’re Podcasting the Nexus, a sample of the ABC News Shuffle is comin’ at ya]

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