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My iPod can record Satellite Radio

Okay not yet. But maybe soon?

That’s the Internet gossip reported in this article (thanks Note the "Satellite Radio" item in the menu on the mock-up to the right.

The technological challenges to Radio are multiplying fast, folks, and they will have profound influence on the future of our industry.

I have long argued that iPods are radio substitutes and, in fact, a new kind of radio (one that plays only my favorite music and plenty of it). Now the circle would be complete: If iPods can record Satellite Radio the recording becomes irrelevant and the volume of available music becomes infinite with very little heavy lifting on the listener’s part.

Hmm. Lots of music variety. Easy to access. Portable. Even Howard Stern.

That, my friends, is called Radio.

And with no commercials, no participation from you or me, and never again the need for you and me.

What is the opportunity for our industry in the future? I’ll be writing that piece soon.

My advice: Start reading the tea leaves. Now.

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