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My Favorite Morning Show

My favorite new morning show isn’t a morning show, is only available in twelve chapters, and is a mere 30 minutes long.

It’s the Ricky Gervais show, and it’s only available by podcast (you can find it on iTunes). Gervais is the co-creator and star of the original version of TV’s The Office and HBO’s Extras.

I’m not the only one in love with the Ricky Gervais Show – it consistently ranks as one of the most downloaded podcasts in the world.

Ricky is an old hand at radio, a one-time fixture at London’s XFM.

Check it out here and you’ll see why.

Some great lessons here for any morning show trying to be funny – and one of the prime lessons is that “funny” comes out of authentic, not out of trying to be funny.

And authentic comes out of smart casting.

There’s another lesson that’s even more obvious: Great talent attracts great listenership.

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