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More on the decline of TV

Relating to the previous post about the decline of TV as a marketing vehicle for radio, check this out from the current Fast Company:

Ten years ago, it would have been hard to imagine building a national brand with little or no advertising. Then along came Krispy Kreme, Google, and They’re among a small group of hugely powerful brands that gained prominence without once appearing on “Friends.” Brian Collins, executive creative director of the Brand Integration Group at Ogilvy & Mather, says brands are moving from a marketing model that says, “I’m going to talk to you and you better listen up” to an experiential model. “Marketers need to focus on the way a brand gets brought to life tangibly, where it really lives,” says Collins. Whether it’s the folksy humor of Southwest Airlines’ flight attendants, the boudoirlike ambience of a Victoria’s Secret shop, or the Zen-like simplicity of TiVo’s remote control, the experience conveys the essence of the brand.

It’s part of a great article on branding.

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