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More Clever Viral Tactics…

From Jim Kerr at Pollack Media:

My client in Salt Lake City is doing the KBCO thing, and actually MAKING the stickers of all ten finalists. The difference is that the 9 listeners who aren’t chosen with the “official” design receive about 500 stickers of their own design to do with as they please. Which, speaking virally, is…hand them out to friends and family! Word of mouth AND stickers. Love it.

But this station and its PD, Bruce Jones, have pushed the limits of this beyond anything I’ve seen from radio. Here is the link to the contest they had for listeners to create the station’s TV commercial, yes, a TV commercial. Watch all of them, they are brilliant!

Or how about this: They are asking listeners to create their own interview with a star.

KENZ is one of the single most creative and innovative stations at creating a community with their listeners and creating a fun “between the records” product.


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