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Metaphor explains why Radio Marketing Sucks

From consultant Alan Mason:

I’m going to be designing a neighborhood chain of malls, and I’d like your opinion.

Some of the smaller malls will be difficult to find, but I plan to believe they’re just as accessible as the mall next to the freeway.

In each of the malls I plan on having people selling things face-to-face as you walk through. I know you won’t like it but I have financial reasons for doing it, and hey, everyone else is doing it too.

I’m not going to be able to give you what you’re looking for because I have a large stock of mediocre products. Instead of narrowing my product line to just what you’ve told me you want, I’m just going to try to convince you to buy what I have. I know 90% of you don’t participate in contests, but that’s how I’m planning on enticing you to the mall. Every Thursday the 111th person through the doors will get a free lunch at Best Burger.

How likely would you to come and spend your money at my mall?

Isn’t interesting how many radio stations design and run their radio stations with these principles, and really expect they’ll succeed?

Alan Mason Audience Development Group email: voice: 616-940-8309 web:

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