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Mark Ramsey Media Announces New Division – for Christian Broadcasters

Today I’m proud to announce something new: A new division of my company, Mark Ramsey Media.

For many years we have served the research needs of all broadcasters everywhere. That will not change.

Christian broadcasters, however, are a special subset with special needs and – in many cases – a business model driven by fans, not by ratings.

Over time, my company has become the leading strategic research firm for Christian radio. So now we’re doubling down with a new division built from the ground up with that market’s unique needs in mind.

This new division will not only provide custom strategic research for Christian broadcasters developed over years with the input of hundreds of Christian radio leaders and tens of thousands of Christian audience interviews, but we are also developing proprietary means of magnifying the effectiveness of station fundraising efforts and specialized efforts to fund research efforts through direct appeals to donors (more details here).

So in other words, if you’re a Christian broadcaster, this is for you.

FaithBright will be a never-more-than-weekly email of useful topics of value to Christian broadcasters. It will NOT serve up the same content as in this blog. The first issue is tomorrow, so sign up today (it’s free).

Here are a few of the pieces I already have queued up:

  1. Why everyone listens to Christmas music (publishing tomorrow)

  2. How Christian Radio can reach young people

  3. Making a difference

  4. You’re not in the business you think you are

  5. The future of the car dashboard

  6. Is the end near for mobile apps?

  7. What Christian Radio can learn from the Discovery Network

How’s that for a plan?

So go sign up now. And if you’re not in the Christian music or teaching format, rest assured this blog will continue to be a great place for you to get tips on what’s to come in the audio space.

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lekor adams
lekor adams

Mark Ramsey Media's announcement of a new division dedicated to Christian broadcasters marks a significant step towards catering to the unique needs and aspirations of faith-based media. This initiative not only recognizes the substantial impact of Christian broadcasting on its audience but also aligns with a broader commitment to nurturing the spiritual well-being of listeners. Similar to how MyLifeChoice provides holistic care, including nutritional counseling, to those with serious illnesses, ensuring they live in comfort and manage symptoms effectively, this new division aims to offer a platform that supports the nourishment of the soul through Christian values and teachings. By providing tailored strategies, content, and consulting specifically designed for Christian broadcasters, Mark Ramsey Media is set to enhance the reach…

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