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“Make great things that could change people’s lives”

This month, we’re reminded of a principal reason why some companies create customer evangelists: they change people’s lives.

This reminder is courtesy of Apple Computer, which was recently named “Marketer of the Year” by AdAge magazine.Lee Clow, the chief of Apple’s ad agency TBWA Worldwide, says making life-changing products is Steve Job’s “prime goal.”

Jobs’ theology has led to the creation of:

* iPod. More than 1.4 million sold to date, capturing 31 percent market share.

* iTunes. Surpassing 75 million songs purchased thus far, iTunes was named Fortune magazine’s best technology product of 2003.

* Power Mac G5. Today, the fastest personal computer in the world.

* iMac. The elegant half-sphere base and swiveling flat screen have changed the way we think of personal computer design.

All of these products are selling well, enjoy fanatical customers and position Apple as the company to be reckoned with in the new digital realm.

If your 2004 plans include creating more customer evangelists, think like Jobs. Post the following paragraph on the wall of your office as a reminder:

“Our Objective for 2004: Build passionate throngs of customer evangelists by creating things that change peoples’ lives.”

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