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Listener Engagement: Oprah shows how it’s done

Oprah’s loudspeaker may be bigger and louder than yours, but only relatively so.

Check out what Oprah’s doing now with author Eckhart Tolle: She’s turning his new book into a ten-week interactive webinar.

Already, 700,000 people have signed up to participate. And that’s before the first class. One can assume that more than 1 million people will participate in this program. Now that’s what I call “engagement.”

You have to be a member of Oprah’s online community in order to participate (note the use of words, radio stations: “Member,” not “VIP” or “Frequent Watcher.” “Community,” not “Database” or “Club.”) The value in having a loudspeaker is that you can move ears fast and en masse.

But you can only move them where they want to go.

Can you turn your client’s product or service into events that will attract listener signups and participation by the truckload?

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