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Legendary Radio Morning Shows (Almost) Never Die

And they generally don’t fade away, either. Not until their audience slips off the right hand side of the proverbial Arbitron page (that’s where the demo goes 55+).

One of the interesting facets of success in the world of the Radio Morning Show is that it’s hard to screw up once you’ve hit the audience mother-lode.

When your show achieves legendary status even if you go into a deep decline you still can’t shake most of your audience. Sure the numbers may erode – but never as fast as your salary rises. And rarely do those numbers erode enough for your presence on the radio to be valueless to all comers. When a “star” morning show is cut loose do they ever find themselves unemployable? Not if their audience is in the money demo!

I think the reasons for this are pretty obvious but I’ll write them anyway. The audience develops a relationship with that show. And the nature of relationships is that they’re not always golden. They ebb and flow. But that doesn’t mean you abandon them.

Further, and this is a major point, when the audience listens to a Morning Show they’re not listening to today’s show. They’re listening to every show you’ve ever done and every one you ever will do. When my listening and my perceptions are on an infinite time frame, it’s hard to do me wrong.

Unless you always have and always will. And that is not the stuff of legends.

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