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Kids get their music from radio, but…

In this new study from MediaMark Research of kids between 6 and 11, “Car Radio” ranked at the top of the list of music sources.

Listens to Music via: Car Radio – 74.0 CD Player – 62.8 Portable CD Player – 48.4 Stereo – 39.5 Computer – 25.5 Walkman that plays tapes/cassettes – 8.3 Portable MP3 Player – 4.2 MP3 Player – 4.1

Naturally, in kids of this group we wouldn’t expect much penetration by mp3 players, but the distinction between “portable” and non-portable mp3 players is an odd one, meaning we could presumably add a portion of these statistics together.

It’s also odd to distinguish between “stereo” and “cd player” – I work in this business and I’m puzzled by this one. Does “stereo” mean home radio? Or home CD player? Or – God forbid – turntable?

Also, why CAR radio specifically? What about other sources of radio? Radio at home? Radio on that portable player?

Finally, note that one out of four of these kids say they listen to music on the Computer. Does this mean they stream? Or are they playing CD’s?

All in all this survey poses more questions than it answers. I would take little consolation in finding myself at the top of a list such as this.

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