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Jack Trout Radio

Positioning guru Jack Trout is taking a page from, well, me!

He has introduced “Jack Trout Radio” where he interviews all kinds of marketing experts on topics of interest to folks like you and me (I know, I didn’t create the marketing guru interview, but I know that you know that).

Some good stuff here, although I wish he had made it easier for me to get it into my iPod.

And, as problematic as my audio quality is, I have to say it’s better than Jack’s.

Listen and learn. I’ll be right there with you.

Here’s one example: Jack interviewing ad guru Joseph Jaffe on his book, Life after the 30 Second Spot.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about Jack is that he manages to plug all of his own projects in the context of his Q&A. You’ve got to respect a skill like that!

[Thanks for Doug Erickson for tipping me off to this]

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