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iTunes will support Podcasts

Details from Engadget here. Excerpt:

Steve Jobs just revealed at the D: All Things Digital Conference that iTunes 4.9 will add support for podcasts. With one click you’ll be able to subscribe to different feeds and have them automatically delivered to your iPod without using a third-party app like iPodder. You’ll be able to search through a directory of available podcasts (producers will be able to register their podcasts with the iTunes Music Store), but users will have the option of adding whatever feeds they want to iTunes. The other big news: Jobs says that he would consider selling podcasts through the iTunes Music Store.

The pace of change continues unabated.

Lots of folks don’t even know what Podcasting is yet. But when iTunes supports it, they will.

And once the iPod is wireless it will be functioning just like Radio, downloading content in a similar fashion as your radio downloads it now.

No “HD” required.

Which would you rather buy? An HD Radio or a wireless iPod?

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