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“It’s all that’s left”?

Browsing a magazine in LA I came across a full page ad for Progressive Talk AM 1150, that’s LA’s Air America affiliate.

There are several aspects of this ad that, I suspect, will limit the station’s potential. I’ll touch on only a couple here. The degree to which these aspects apply to Air America on a broader level is a question I’ll leave open for now.

1. The headline: “It’s all that’s left.”

Is it just me or does this sound like Hurricane Katrina has just swept through and amidst the rubble, this is the best you can find still standing?

Also, the “left” reference, while descriptive, is also fundamentally exclusionary. You don’t convince people by blocking their entrance, you convince them by building bridges which are viewed as safe to cross. This is why “right to life” is preferred to “anti-abortion” and “pro choice” is preferred to “pro abortion.”

2. The term “Progressive”

That word is one of the fuzzier words in radio today. While it suggests “change” (alone, an uncomfortable concept for many), it also suggests “liberal” which is as poisoned a marketing word as you can find.

3. The color scheme

…is entirely blue. I get the reference, but there’s a lot of purple between red and blue.

All in all the problem can be boiled down to this: Too much blue. No red or white.

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