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iSee – and iWant

Here’s how to dominate the world: Create a technology so profound and with such inherent sizzle it explodes in popularity and – more importantly – becomes a platform technology; that is, a technology whereby other companies produce add-ons which extend the value of the platform itself. They simultaneously feed off it and feed it.

This energizes the creative juices of zillions of entrepreneurs instead of only the small cluster of companies with whom any behemoth can possibly make deals and the small cluster of idea folks who can possibly make those ideas realities.

This is the central difference between the iPod and every other mp3 player.

It is a central concern as Radio proceeds to deal-make on the HD front.

It is a central reason why I want the ISee so very, very much.

It’s an add-on video recorder and player for iPods. The device allows users to download videos directly from a computer, TV, cable, satellite, DVR, or any other analog source. For a measly $250. And it weighs only 6 ounces! It’s cool, it provides a tangible benefit, and it fits my “platform technology.”

It’s not even available for months, and already it’s stoking demand.

Can your future HD radios say that? Why not?

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