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Is Your Whiteboard “On Fire?”

I was on a conference call with a major radio talent recently and he made a comment that stuck with me:

“Our whiteboard is on fire!”

On fire with new initiatives and new brand extensions and new ways to take the over-the-air product into the real world where it can be experienced in fresh ways – each more monetizable than the last.

And I thought…Is YOUR whiteboard on fire?

In a time of diminishing ad budgets for traditional over-the-air spots, are you spinning ideas and initiatives?

Or are you just spinning?

Whiteboards don’t blaze untended in a corner of a conference room.  They need kindling, they need a match, they need fuel, they need a team of people whose job it is to make and use fire.

If you commit to lighting up your whiteboard, your white board will burn brightly.

Try it.

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