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Is the FCC’s Reality only Perception?

Maybe you, Mr. and Mrs. Broadcaster should get a complete accounting from the FCC as to how many radio complaints there are – really.

Excerpted from an email newsletter by Doug Hall, author of several terrific business books and founder of the Eureka Ranch:

Mass opinions are not always right.

There has been a lot of "noise" in the media about various television scandals from Janet Jackson’s breast to the Monday Night Football promotional spot with Nichollette Sheriden of the new hit TV show Desperate Housewives.

If you listen to the media you get the sense that the population is outraged. Again, when you look deeper "outrage" seems to be a gross exaggeration. In fact it appears that there is some funny business going on with the complaints to the FCC.

Jeff Jarvis, a former TV Guide critic turned blogger filled a freedom of information request to see the complaints that drove the FCC to threaten the Fox network with a 1.2 million dollar fine for the now defunct reality program called "Married by America."

The FCC cited 159 complaints in it’s legal case. However Mr. Jarvis found that in truth there were actually only 3 distinct complaints that had been submitted and resubmitted over the internet.

The lesson – is to beware of the momentum of "mass opinion."

In today’s marketplace failure rates for advertising campaigns, new products and services are at epidemic proportions.

To turn this around we all need to dig deeper – we need to ask questions – we need to challenge "assumptions."

"Facts are our friend." By digging deeper into the data we can find the answers, ideas and insights we need to realize meaningful growth.

Doug Hall

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