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Is Satellite Radio dead?

Well the idea of audio-only delivery via one-way satellite to a closed-box environment paid for by subscription is absolutely, positively dead and has been for a long time.

But that's not the same as saying that Sirius/XM is dead, as this article argues using points that are very familiar to any reader of this blog over the years.

Sirius/XM has content and deals and brand name and a system of distribution which can integrate multiple technologies and windows – assuming the company has the interest in pursuing them.

So far, I see little sign of it.  But I'm eternally hopeful.

Sirius/XM might turn out to be the premier audio-centric (but not audio-exclusive) brand with a national platform.


You have to wonder – especially when you see an itsy bitsy bedroom company whip up streaming players for Sirius/XM far better than the "official" ones they provide themselves.  And now – surprise, surprise – this tiny company even has ways for folks to advertise on these players without interrupting the programming itself.

The Great and Powerful Oz can huff and puff, but at the end of the day it's up to Dorothy herself to find the way home.

[Postscript:  Can someone explain how this tiny company can monetize a player that exists solely to piggyback on Sirius/XM content without the SXM legal eagles swooping down en masse?  And while you''re at it, please explain why Sirius/XM doesn't already own this company.]

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