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Is Radio just “Radio,” or is it something Bigger?

Yesterday I visited a yoga studio called YogaGlo in Santa Monica with my wife.

But this wasn't any yoga studio.  This one had a video camera permanently installed in the back, and all the classes with name brand teachers were recorded and presented online to a worldwide audience of yoga fans who pay a subscription fee of $18/month in order to take classes with these teachers virtually.

So here's this rather nondescript and otherwise unremarkable yoga studio in a sleepy corner of Santa Monica with room for a few dozen students – and a paying audience of many thousands.

Is this a yoga studio?  Or is it a media company?

The lesson for broadcasters is clear:  Are you a radio station, or – in a world where technology offers you endless possibilities and an audience willing to explore them – are you something else, something bigger?

I think you're something bigger, and that something depends on the details of your brands, your resources, your talent, and your vision.

In the future, radio will either be something bigger….

…or something much smaller.


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