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Is it time to change your station’s packaging?


It’s on our lips a lot, but what portion of consistency is about being consistent and what portion is about pinching the pennies that change would cost?

Does it even matter that we change our “package”? Consumer packagers sure think so:

In the last 100 years, Pepsi had changed the look of its can, and before that its bottles, only 10 times. This year alone, the soft-drink maker will switch designs every few weeks. Kleenex boxes used to be square or rectangular, but no more. Kleenex, after 40 years of sticking with square and rectangular boxes, has started selling tissues in oval packages. “Consumers are looking for what’s new,” said Kimberly Drosos, director for package development at Unilever North America, which recently changed the shape of its Suave shampoo bottles for the first time in 25 years, and sells Axe shower gel bottles shaped like video-game joysticks. Ms. Drosos added: “They say, ‘What else do you have for me? That was nice last year, but I want the packaging to be refreshing.’ ”

In an over-marketed, over-messaged, over-choiced world, maybe it’s time for your station’s packaging to be refreshed.

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