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Investigating the “imbalance” of Talk Radio

If the Senate is going to have hearings on "imbalance," shouldn't those hearings focus on the presumed imbalance of a mom who births eight kids when she already has six before it focuses on "imbalance" in Talk Radio?

I will be the first one to suggest that Talk Radio programmers have spent so many years playing "follow the leader" that the menu of options for non-music programming are shockingly thin, especially in an age when anybody can find anything they want on the Internet and the plethora of quality, popular podcasts provides a rich vein of potential non-music content.

A rich vein we stubbornly and foolishly refuse to tap.

But that said, never has there been a Talk PD who is interested in anything other than getting the most listeners and listening he or she possibly can, no matter the political orientation of the content.

Here's my advice, Senators and Congressmen and women, fix the economy.

Talk Radio can wait.

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