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Interactive marketers predict radio’s effectiveness will decrease

In a study of interactive marketers, Forrester Research asked how they think the effectiveness of marketing will change over the next three years in various media, new and traditional.

Keep in mind, of course, that this survey was conducted among interactive marketers, not necessarily the traditional marketers and buyers that are only now awakening to the advantages of digital elements in their marketing mix.

Still, note that marketing's effectiveness is, on balance, expected to decrease for radio.  And only Yellow Pages and newspapers scored worse in terms of marketing effectiveness increasing.

This should chill you – if you believe that business as usual is the proper recipe for radio's revival.  

It is not.

The problem in my mind is that these marketers think of radio as "that thing over the air with all the interruptive, uninvited commercials" rather than the cross-platform marketing solution driven in part by the massive reach and easy utility of the broadcast signal.

How can we get them to think differently?  But understanding what we will become and communicating it accordingly.  By deeds, not simply words.  The right deeds – followed by the right words.

There is no shortcut.

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