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If you don’t understand this, then please resign now

You've read it in my book, you've read it on this blog, you've heard it from Gap Media, and now you can read it from BIA (referring to TV):

BIA continues to emphasize that local TV stations will see a return to profitability the quicker they see themselves as local information and entertainment companies rather than simply television transmitters.

Remove "TV" and insert "radio" and your strategic challenge is clear.

This is a transformation much more total than most broadcasters understand.  This has structural, sales, programming, talent, content, and technology consequences.  Are you setting the table right?

That's why I and others are actively working (often under the radar) to help "old media" radio transform into what it's becoming.

It's the "it" we always talk about…

As in "broadcasters just don't get it."

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