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I’m Getting “Testy”

If you read this blog occasionally, you know I tend to pick on the research studies my competitors do.

Well now it’s time for me to pick on my own.

Visit the Mercury site and you’ll find a link to the study we did with Point to Point called “Half My Marketing Works, Now I Know Which Half.”

It was a well-executed study that asked radio listners bunches of questions about the kinds of direct marketing they respond to.

The major flaw in it is primarily this:

If there’s any advertising medium that can best tested and tested accurately, it’s direct mail.

That means the best way to measure the quality of any direct mail effort is to DO it on a small cross-section of listeners and MEASURE the degree to which it works (and how you define “works” is important, since you can’t measure ratings from a test – but you can certainly measure response).

As an industry, our problem is one of inspiration AND perspiration. We don’t really like to bother with either.

Recently a client asked a question about how much to charge for selling something through his station’s website. Test it, I said.

You mean ask people in a survey?

No, I mean TEST it. Different groups of listeners, different price levels. Pick the level that maximizes your net revenue. I didn’t get my MBA for nothing!

It’s not too much to expect our vendors for direct mail, TV, outdoor, etc. to have TEST RESULTS, as opposed to anecdotal success stories, for their wares.

It’s up to you to request them.

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