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I’ll report LIVE from the Philadelphia NAB Convention

Just giving you a heads up.

I’ll be at the NAB in Philadelphia for a short time this week. My attendance at the sessions will be slim, but I plan to do two things that have never before been done in the radio industry.

First, I’ll be posting pictures from whatever events I attend on this site LIVE and in real time. I’ll see it, I’ll snap it, I’ll send it, you’ll see it.

Second, I’ll be doing LIVE audio reports from the scene. No waiting for me to get in front of a computer. I’ll just turn on my phone, talk, and you’ll be one click away from hearing it. Or sign up on iTunes or at Odeo and the audio will download to your mp3 player automatically.

Again, my attendance at the sessions will be slim, and I’ll only be there on Thursday, however this will bring you more immediacy than you’ve ever had from one of these things before.

Another first from the Radio Marketing Nexus and Mercury Radio Research.

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