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How to make your TV spots more effective

Some TV spots for radio are so fact-based, so obsessed with “telling the listener what we do,” that the spot bores the viewer and disappears amidst the noise of better produced competing spots.

Other TV spots for radio are so obsessed with being clever or funny or emotion-based that the essential information the listener needs to know that is likely to influence their behavior is absent altogether.

This article, from Brandweek, argues that emotion-only appeals aren’t effective. That does NOT mean you should bore the listener with facts, it DOES mean that emotions are impactful in the presence of a compelling argument to listen or switch.

Here’s how this article advises you should design your spots:

1) Shed the paradigm that advertising is either “emotional” or “functional.” Business-building advertising is in most cases a blend of the two. 2) Integrate product information in new, more creative ways. The traditional package shot may register the brand but it may not stimulate a positive emotional response. In contrast, advertising that romances the product, includes an exaggerated demonstration or creates a virtual usage experience gives consumers the product information they need while appealing to their emotions. That mundane “product” may be much more exciting than you think. 3) Tell a good story, a tale in which the product is the hero. The product must be essential to this story—not an afterthought.
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