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How to Make Satellite Radio Explode

Adoption for Satellite Radio has not yet approached anywhere near its potential. And one of the key reasons is simple:

It’s complicated and expensive to buy and install. Let’s suppose you’re NOT getting it in a new car. Then…

$100 for the radio? Installation hassle and charges? I don’t think so.

The most important thing lacking in the tech-heavy portfolios of Satellite Broadcasters is one simple little device:

A satellite receiver as small, as personal, and as cool as an iPod.

Where is the SatPod?

There is a wide range of confusing equipment options, both at SIRIUS and XM. XM has some units it calls “portable,” but that’s like calling a boom box “portable.” There’s a difference between a radio that sits on a table and one that sits on your hip.

Where is the SatPod?

Further, why don’t Satellite folks take a page out of the Cable TV playbook or the Cell Phone one: Namely, give the equipment (and the unfortunate installation, if any) away for FREE. Charge the customer for use, not for trial.

Picture a world where you can get a SatPod for free – personal and portable Satellite Radio anywhere and everywhere you go. For a fee a bit steeper than the $10/month one you have now. Trial is now FREE. The ideavirius of Satellite Radio is now smooth. Consumers are locked into a one or two year contract. The buzz on Satellite is now on your belt, for all to see. Not locked away in your car in the parking lot or in your living room next to your TV.

Consider the economics: Every iPod tune costs 99 cents. The cost of Satellite Radio now is roughly the cost of 10 songs per month! Show me an iPod owner who buys just ten songs per month – I dare you. The obstacle is trial. Satellite Radio must smooth that speed bump. Then they can charge what it’s worth for usage.

One last time: Where is the SatPod?

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