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How to evaluate “good ideas” for your website

One of the characteristics of the modern age is that anything is possible.  A dense forest of choices awaits us at every turn, and it's much easier to decide not to decide than to decide and risk being "locked in" or – worse – wrong.

There is no shortage of good ideas for your website.  So how do you sort through these and decide which are worth investing in and which should be kicked to the digital curb?

Here's one handy tool I use.  It's called the "CCA Rule."

Every "idea" should be evaluated on the basis of successfully addressing the three boxes above.

Is there value in it for consumers (i.e., that group formerly called "listeners")?

Does the idea constitute content of some meaningful kind?

Does the idea have a connection to advertisers and/or sponsors?

Every "idea" moment should meet all three constraints.  

And obviously, ideas can spring from any of the three directions, for example:  

"Consumers would love it if we…," 

"We shot this video at a concert…who will be interested in this video and who will sponsor it?"  

"What content can we create that consumers will value which addresses our auto dealer segment?"

So how firm is this rule?  Does it mean you can't do stuff on your site "just because"?  No, it means you should recognize that you're doing it "just because."

Don't mistake action for progress.

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