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How the Radio Advertising Bureau of South Africa Sells the Value of Radio


One of my most recent kicks is to help grow the business of radio (and all its various extensions) among advertisers, whether at home or abroad.

To that end, my company recently joined forces with the Radio Advertising Bureau of South Africa and its very talented leader, Norman Gibson, to collaborate on strategies and best practices that illustrate radio’s ability to connect products, services, and consumers – even in a recession-plagued world of limitless media choice.

What makes the RAB South Africa so interesting is that they are primarily representing advertisers, not broadcasters. So what’s good for the advertiser is good for the RAB and vice versa.

Here is one of the videos I produced for RAB SA, and I’ll be sharing more of these over time with you. This one is an argument against the idea that “three exposures” of each spot are enough to generate the impact any advertiser seeks.

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