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How about a Contest to Promote Your Station?

Remember the good-old-days of promotions like “Show us your X” for 91X, San Diego?

Whatever happened to those days? That was a time we could activate our audience to get behind our brand because they actually WANTED to tell others about it. The chance to win something was a great bonus.

Nowadays all contests are aimed at motivating listening through manipulation. Instead of motivating listening through…well…motivation.

Here’s a great example of how using a contest to promote instead of manipulate works on the web. It’s a contest to plug something called the “iPod Lounge.”

Note that the winner is somebody who produced a TV spot which 10,000 web viewers saw!

And what will it cost iPod Lounge to get this exposure?

The incredible sum of…

A free pair of earphones.

Wake up, Radio.

The best things in life are (nearly) free.

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