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hivio 2016: How to Get Your Fans to Share Your Digital Audio


Recently I was working on a project for a cable TV network involving digital content. They had only one rule: No audio, no way, no how.

Why? Mostly because of their belief that of all the digital content elements they could present – text, images, video – the one that is least likely to be shared is audio. And the less the content is shared, the less impact it will have, and the less tune-in potential to their TV content they will see. In TV, as in radio, it’s all about ratings.

This is a problem familiar to anyone in the audio space: How to make audio easy to share and discover?

Clammr is a tool that solves that problem. The platform is integrated into leading podcast and audio players and reaches 25 million unique users monthly with the ability to share audio soundbites to social media and mash them up with GIFs.

David Silverman is the company’s co-founder, and in this presentation, David provides an overview of Clammr and a primer on why sharing is so important and some critical sharing best-practices. It’s from hivio 2016.

If you’re in the audio space, this presentation is must-see viewing.

Watch it here:

This is another of many videos I’ll be sharing from hivio 2016.

You’ll find them first here in this blog.


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