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hivio 2016: How Radio Can Do Social Media Right


How can radio and other media brands do social media right?

Why not ask the expert whose clients include NBC Universal, News Corp, and several OTT video players?

Todd Beck is CEO & Founder of Beck Media & Marketing, the agency dozens of TV, OTT, and Tech companies look to for potent digital strategies that get results. Beck Media’s areas of focus span content creation and exploitation on TV, web, mobile, and social media, and whatever medium comes next.

Todd was one of the featured Q&A’s at this year’s hivio audio future festival in LA.

Here are just some of the questions we covered:

  1. Social Media Activation is HUGELY important in the entertainment industry. What are the secrets? How do they and you do it?

  2. How do you drive Audience Development?

  3. You say we need to identify what we want the audience to believe and implant that belief…How?

  4. How important is identifying exactly what we want the audience to DO?

  5. How do you rise above the noise?

Click here:

This is another of many videos I’ll be sharing from hivio 2016.

You’ll find them first here in this blog.


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