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Google to bid for U.S. airwaves

He who owns the wireless airwaves owns the future.

The primary means of audio entertainment over wireless airwaves today is, of course, radio.

But in the future…

It will be about how many things consumers can do with those airwaves, not about how many stations you can squeeze into our existing ones.

Now if you’re in the “content business” there will always be a market for content.

And if you’re in the “business of connecting local advertisers with local consumers,” there’s always a market for you (as long as there’s always an audience for you).

But if you’re in the “radio business” make sure to pack your golden parachute before you head off to work on Monday.

Says Google Chief Eric Schmidt:

When Americans can use the software and handsets of their choice, over open and competitive networks, they win.

Key words for you to note: “choice,” “open,” and “competitive.”

Not words usually associated with the Federally licensed frequencies that dominate the market today and provide three square meals to you and your family.

It continues to be my hope that the leaders of the radio industry will look to the future and lead rather than look to the past and tap dance.

I’m waiting.

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