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“Free Radio” – Radio biz satirized on new VH1 show

Radio has always been prime content for funny material. WKRP in Cincinnati only scratched the surface.

Now the surface gets scratched a notch deeper, thanks to Free Radio, a new show on VH1.

And, appropriately, it’s called “Moron in the Morning.”


This is what your show could be if it had strong improv skills.

In fact, this is what your morning show should be. What’s so interesting about this to me is that radio morning shows tend to be obsessed with being “honest” and spontaneous, whereas improv is more like a conceptual dance or symphony. And that distinction rings loud and clear on this show.

If your morning show has not studied improv, you and they are making a big mistake.

Don’t miss Act 3 – with the cast of “All About Walken,” a sketch comedy group dedicated to Christopher Walken.

How I wish this morning show were available in my market!

What happens when your morning “star” gets stolen by Satellite Radio and has to be replaced by the “weather girl” and an intern?

Tune in and find out.

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