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FOX TV builds local music sites – your market’s radio stations don’t

FOX Interactive Media and a few FOX O&O’s have launched a few local music websites in connection with MySpace. The sites are an experiment to see if there is an audience for content that focuses on local bands, concerts and fans. The first round of sites include mymusictwincities, mymusicboston and mymusichouston, with MySpace pages for each. The sites include streaming audio, video of performances, concert calendars and links to the bands’ MySpace pages.
Hey, wait a minute. A TV company building LOCAL music sites ? Promoting ‘Battle of the Bands’ ? I thought local Radio stations should own this space ? Especially local Rock stations that target 18-34 and 18-49 demos. This should be a major wake-up call to local Radio.What FOX is doing is just another example of the fast moving, digital land grab at the local level. Team Rupert sees that Radio is not taking full advantage of their local powers of driving new online businesses. Especially with music. When it comes to younger skewing, Rock based formats, the Internet should be a top priority for Radio.
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