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Early analysis on Stern’s replacements and FREE FM

From the headlines:

David Lee Roth and Adam Carolla have been confirmed as replacements for Howard Stern. Infinity Broadcasting has also announced a new FREE FM format which begins in some markets today.

I have heard some of the inside details of this and also know some of the details yet to be announced.

What I can tell you is that this – and the news yet to be revealed – is exactly what the radio industry needs to remain vital in an age of a zillion alternatives.

The solution, my friends, is not infinite options (a la HD Radio) but a very small number of compelling ones.

I know what you’re thinking: David Lee Roth? But in my book a train wreck waiting to happen is only slightly less compelling than the actual accident scene itself.

I will not dish any secrets. But suffice it to say that Infinity’s FREE FM concept is much bigger than fixing the Howard Stern problem (although not likely to be bigger than Stern).

The only downside I see is that centrally produced nationally networked programming does not need the steady hand of a local PD. Expect to see lots of folks on the streets. And when the ratings spike – as they will – expect to see lots more.

You can also bid bye-bye to local research, of course. But every obstacle creates an opportunity. 🙂

By the way, very smart of Infinity to announce a slew of moves on one day. Focusing efforts like this magnifies attention.

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