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Doom and Gloom? Or Opportunity?

From Inside Radio:

Are radio’s leaders in denial? One analyst thinks so. CL King analyst Jim Boyle…projects radio revenues will likely be down 7% when the RAB releases July data, marking the 15th consecutive month of declines. Boyle blasts radio’s largest groups for not doing enough to make the “revolutionary changes” necessary to help radio recover. He says “There is a notable sense of denial of how harsh the prospects have been and continue to be for radio. The classic CEO reply is radio is not bleeding as badly as newspapers. We concede there is too little radio ad demand, but there is also too little rate card integrity and too little investment in radio’s product and people for the long-term.”

Now I usually steer clear of “doom and gloom” posts unless I can add something of a solution to the glum assessments of others.

In this case, those solutions are largely the point of this blog and virtually a daily theme. These solutions will also be the focus of the new book I’m preparing to publish this fall (more about that later).

For now, suffice it to say this: Mr. Boyle is correct.

Now is a time of tremendous opportunity for those groups interested in investing in those opportunities.

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